Sorry it’s been so quiet in Beaunique land, Health hasn’t been good at all. Hoping to open a competition, and publish a “how to get this look” post within the next week readers, thanks for sticking with us ❤ Hope everyone's Easter holidays were happy ones and too much chocolate was consumed by all?! 😉

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Choice Retailer


Budget Cosmetics Business Card

What if we told you that you could get to big branded, top named, cheap beauty products and cosmetics delivered through your front door at no extra cost for p&p?  What if we also told you the same retailer has the most friendly, faultless customer services, who really can’t do enough to make sure your purchase from them is smooth process, and that you’ll be delighted with them (and trust us you will be!)
We’re talking about brands such as – Rimmel, Calvin Klein, L’oreal, etc.
Our order contained a mascara, nail varnish, lipstick, primer, and blusher. The total price was £23:37 as p&p is also free!!
Customer services is second to none.  This retailer is so friendly, responds to you really fast.  They treat you like a friend, not just another customer! We had a Special request with regards to p&p, meaning we needed our order in seperate parcels, they split the order into three different parcels…… At no extra cost! P&p remained free despite our special request, & they didn’t make us feel bad at all, & took it in their stride!
Dispatch and delivery were both very fast.

So if you love your big name cosmetics and beauty products, like top class customer services, free delivery to your own front door fast,  then we highly recommend