Happy Valentines Day

This beautiful day is the most sacred for people in love 

OK let me try that again, and be serious so I don’t get that rising bile issue.

This is yet another ‘celebration’ which is used unapologetically by people whose sole purpose in life is to take as much of your money as possible in a way which renders you unable to realise they’re pick pocketing you, and as usual they’re winning on every level.

Just yesterday I saw that ‘For one night only’ –  Valentines night, Dirty Dancing is to be shown in cinemas here in the UK. Anyone who actually pays to go see it at the cinema:

  1. Has more money than sense
  2. Should use their money in a wiser manner, starting with buying a DVD player
  3. Is certifiable in a Donald Trump type way
  4. Is not in love, merely trying to hard.
  5. Is in a new relationship**
  6. Is in an old relationship with no spark left**
  7. Is in a relationship where someone is having an affair & is over compensating**
  8. Has more money than sense (yes I am aware I already made this point, but it is one that needs reiterating)

**Possibly covered by point 4 but was just making sure 

If you are at all feeling the need to tell your significant other your true feelings, then for the love of sanity, please choose tonight, or any other day of the year to Valentines day.  Like so many of our modern day money making scams this day has various historical ‘facts’  attached to it, which you believe is dependent upon your faith, and in some cases naivety. I don’t want to get too bogged down by the history as regardless of it’s origins I’m a firm believer that in this day and age,  it’s nothing more than a rip off.

As briefly and possibly as facetiously as possible;

It was supposedly a Pagan festival originally – this is extremely evil/awesome/a lie, dependant upon your own indoctrination.  It was either a festival which celebrated fertility, or was a huge free for all orgy which may have included animals. This festival was then said to have been stolen by those honest Christian lot, there’s something about the marriage of under age girls, and something about a blind girls sight being restored in a miracle. Again which parts of the ‘facts’ you are OK with is going to be a personal call.

Whatever it’s historical roots, I believe if you need a nominated day of the year on which to declare your love for another, and your bottom lip comes out if your other half forgets/doesn’t buy in to legalised con artistry, then you have far more to worry about than not getting a Valentines card!

If you are slightly less cynical than I am, and enjoy partaking in this enforced day of love then have a good one, to others who are of the same mindset either wholly or partly – I hope to see you all safe and sound on the other side!


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