The unofficial rules of life

The Ones Nobody Tells You

If you want something you are not going to be able to find it.

If you do find it, you can guarantee you will find other stuff you previously couldn’t find, & what you wanted to find will be the very last thing you find.

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Jesus & the Chocolatebunnymen

I have not been able to stop thinking of terrible Easter, Jesus, Religion & Chocolate based quips. So here goes –

Jesus must love me, he died so I could eat Chocolate for four days!!

Always thinking of us!

Chocolate is good for you, an Easter bunny told me, just after I’d seen Jesus over the other side of the street, up in a helicopter.

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Asking what is Art credit to original blogger

What is a work of art? Quotes, I have chosen a very interesting article on the website: Thank candy crush (The English translation is done by google) Is there something common to the monuments of the Acropolis, one symphony, a Picasso painting, to a compression Caesar, a theater Boulevard, and the poetry of […]

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Room – Reposted, credit to the blog owner

Written by Jacob Ibrag ‘And what did you see when you entered into the room?’ Opening his eyes, he got up from the recliner and walked to the door, ‘I don’t want to do this anymore. It’s been a year, I don’t see how these sessions are relevant for me returning to the force. I […]

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Psycho in Colour 

I had a play about with a new painting app, & I created this.

This is  the character Marion Crane in the original horror  film called Psycho.  Marion was plated by actress Janet Leigh

Marion was killed in the shower by the films protagonist, Norman Bates. This still frame is from the now infamous shower scene.

The Original film, which was released in 1960, is a cultural classic.  It is in Black and White, and an absolute must watch for any fans of horror/psychological/thriller films.  Film makers, & actors had to rely heavily  on actually coming across very scary back then, they didn’t have the make-up, prosthetics & special effects we have these days.

I still think some of the older horror films, are actually scarier & better than a lot of the stuff of recent times. I am not phased by people getting hacked up (wonder what that says about me?!), I need something to actually get inside my head, & and the old black & and white films are masters at it.

Spectacular Episodes Emmerdale!!!!

Anybody has a clean little secret, and enjoys soaps, I am quite sure that most of us will agree with this definition;

Or just that Emmerdale last night screened two of their best episodes… 



Beautifully done, absolutely heartbreaking with the odd touch of just enough subtle humour – “This tie doesn’t work, it’s got a mind of it’s own” from Sandy was my favourite.

Thought provoking – the conversation between Sarah and Faith about scars, and being proud of having them.

Then rounding the whole thing off with a sense of excitement, and left us all thinking  “I hope what I think is going to happen, happens!!” – Emma, that video, & what is going to happen when Laurel sees it!!




Realising you’re an idiot because the shows were shown 13.04.2017, it’s just you that’s behind……. Sorry all just realised my mistake, doesn’t detract from the sentiment though, just proves I’m fallible!