Shed Dilemma 

One of my options – just need to ‘acquire’ some police tape

Unfortunately I had cause today to go in my shed.

I have never seen so many spider eggs in one place – really, really glad that I didn’t encounter the spider which left them all there, as I shudder thinking about how big it must be.

My Shed Is Truly Terrifying

I think I would less worried if I heard the psycho music from the Psycho film, whilst hearing the word ‘Norman’ in an odd, old lady man voice.

So now I am in a real dilemma;

  • Nuke the shed
  • Move
  • Lock it, fill every gap with foam filler, including the key hole. Cover it in police tape & pretend an awful crime was committed in there, & tell everyone it can never be opened, ever again.

Has anyone who has not purchased their shed in the last few days, got a shed which is nice & clean like this?