Fly Spray Word Play


Spectacular Episodes Emmerdale!!!!

Anybody has a clean little secret, and enjoys soaps, I am quite sure that most of us will agree with this definition;

Or just that Emmerdale last night screened two of their best episodes… 



Beautifully done, absolutely heartbreaking with the odd touch of just enough subtle humour – “This tie doesn’t work, it’s got a mind of it’s own” from Sandy was my favourite.

Thought provoking – the conversation between Sarah and Faith about scars, and being proud of having them.

Then rounding the whole thing off with a sense of excitement, and left us all thinking  “I hope what I think is going to happen, happens!!” – Emma, that video, & what is going to happen when Laurel sees it!!




Realising you’re an idiot because the shows were shown 13.04.2017, it’s just you that’s behind……. Sorry all just realised my mistake, doesn’t detract from the sentiment though, just proves I’m fallible!

Alien Education 

I believe there will be a time that aliens do find this planet.  I just really hope that this is not the history they will learn about Earth, & go on to teach to their future generations. 

**This is all my own work. You are very welcome to share it should you wish, but please give credit & a link to this blog. Thanks for understanding.