Review of – New!! Candy Dip by Miss Elegant Touch


New! Candy Dip by Miss Elegant Touch (colour set Lemon Sherbet)

What’s in the box:

Instructions leaflet
1 sheet of 18 double sided mail stickers.
X3 Glitter pot, this set was Lemon Sherbet (different colour sets available, see link at bottom of page)

Firstly the packaging on this set is so cute, reminds me of old sweet shops, which with the names of uif sets was I’m sure the plan.
I was really excited by the different colour sets available, really different to most other nail art sets that were on the surrounding shelves.
Priced at £4:49 I thought they were priced quite reasonably indeed for what was promised on the box, and the amazing colours.
I was very happy with my purchase and so excited to try it the set out, as I love doing my own nail art.

The idea:

The idea is really actually very good.

1) You apply the double sided clear sticky nail wraps. File or cut off any excess.

2) Dip your nail with the wrap on into one of the pots of glitter. The choices are as wide as your imagination 😀 This time round as I was reviewing, I went for using one colour in turn on my nails in a repeat pattern so I could ensure all the glitters were nice actually on and so on.

3) For longer lasting results use a good top coat over the top of the glitter!

Couldn’t be easier right?! And the results, yes I think you would agree they look gorgeous?! (Sorry for the blurry photos I wasn’t well.)



I added the white flower gem from my own items it’s not part of the kit you buy

Initially I was over the moon with the results. They were so pretty, so sparkly, to be honest these photos don’t even really do justice to how nice they looked.
Each glitter has an amazing quality in colour, very unique. They definitely stand out from the crowd!
At this point I couldn’t have been happier.

However, when I started this blog, whatever I’m reviewing I promised complete honesty….. I suggest you don’t all get too excited yet as here’s the catch, and it’s huge!

I did my nails about 3am as I wasn’t well and couldn’t sleep. At 6am I had to call an ambulance.

By 10am when my hands had done nothing, not a single thing other than use my phone for one call, and to send an sms…..
The wonderful look was already starting to fade. The edges of the wraps were coming away from my nails, bits of glitter, big bits to say I’d used a very good top coat, and hadn’t used my hands, were coming off.
At around 11am I was admitted to a ward. It wasn’t long after that I took the wraps off, they looked awful!! :-/
Not only as already mentioned were the wraps coming away from my nails,  and the glitter was coming off, they were also collecting dirt from nowhere?!
I think sadly this is the draw back of the what seemed brilliant idea of the double sided sticky wraps. Remembering here I was in hospital where – probably the cleanest environment you could be in, and not doing anything, where the glitter had come off bits of black fuzzy dirt were sticking to the wraps that were still really sticky?!
I really dread to think what the results would be had I been on a night out, at a special occasion, or heaven forbid doing any kind of work eek! :-/

The pros:
– Fast and easy application.

  • Really pretty results.
  • You’re left with quite a lot of the 3 glitters which you can of course use again for stand alone nail art creations

– Wraps start peeling away from edges of nails very fast, and far too easily.

–The glitter fell off in no time despite correct application, and that was despite using a top coat.

  • The double sided sticky feature of the wraps which initially seems revolutionary and perfect, becomes a magnet very quickly for every bit of dirt and minute bits of fluff.
  • They don’t last long even if you’re not using your hands for even normal tasks!

  • In conclusion – If you’re under no illusion you’re buying this set just to get the 3 pots of very pretty, very unique, nail art glitters which are a very decent size each, then great, go right ahead!!

    Remember though this set does not do what it actually says on the box, which isn’t great!

    For the glitters I’d buy other colours in the range myself as for the size of the 3 pots of glitter, the price is justifiable, and next I’m going to try applying the glitters with wet nail varnish, which I’m looking forward to trying 🙂 I’ll report back at some point with the results!!

    These are sold exclusively at Superdrug see the-
    Full range of Miss Elegant Candy Dip Nails available here