DIY Upcycle Recycle Sunday

The big reveal!

Definitely do try this at home!


Now I know what you are thinking, something along the lines of “What on earth can you possibly make from this rubbish”?! ¬†

People think I’m weird. They think I’m weird because I hardly ever throw things away. I am fine with the weird part – I am kooky to say the least, however my holding on to things other people would throw away is not a very good indicator of my weirdness. It is an indication perhaps that Dickens didn’t invent the character Scrooge, as it’s entirely plausible he’s one of my ancestors.

Don’t worry if you come round for a coffee I’m not a true hoarder, no magazine mazes to find the kettle here, although I bet you could make a theme park with such a maze and charge a handsome entry fee!

Anyway I digress, back to the photos above. Anyone got any ideas yet? Well I am going to be very mean and make you wait until tomorrow for the answer ūü§£ I would place money on nobody getting this, but give it a go, comment here, look us up on Google+ or tweet¬†@Beauniquetweet¬†with your guesses. I will reveal all tomorrow! Just remember that I grew up watching Blue Peter, my generation can make pretty much anything with a bit of sticky back plastic! Have fun with your guesses, there is a prize if you guess correctly!

The big reveal!

I apologise if you have been waiting on tenterhooks all day for this post, some stuff happened, and then something else happened, and it prevented this happening, but never fear I’m going to put you out of your misery at long last.

Ideally you are going to need these tools to make our mystery object:

 A craft knife, pointy hole making thing, & some small craft scissors.

You will also need the items from the top of the page, which in case you have not figured out what they are – the inner tray from a box of chocolates, this one was really good, very sturdy, and a nice size, I can’t say it’s from a box of Ferrero Roche in case I get in trouble with them or someone else for advertising or some other crazy reason. Other chocolates are available and I’m sure their trays are just as good. Moving on. You will also need a box which has a got a slightly larger top than bottom, this particular one happens to be from another brand of chocolates, possibly made by my favourite shop that is not online – Lidl.

Using the craft scissors, cut the entire piece off the bottom of some of the holes:

Using the pointy thing and the craft knife very carefully*, first push a hole in the middle with pointy, then with some cut a cross over the hole on some, on others just do one diagonal line.

This will give different size holes in the tray part. Anyone care to hazard a guess as to what we’re making yet?

*If you are a kid/kidult then please get a responsible adult (good luck finding one of them),  to do this part as the craft knife is extremely sharp.

Next take the top half of your box – the one that is slightly bigger, you don’t need to use a ruler; just place it upside down on the bottom part, and see how much you need to cut out so that it will still sit on the bottom part, but so that what we are going to be putting in the holes will have enough space underneath.

I would advise using either glue, or some fancy sticky tape, and secure the 2 parts of the box together. Place the half that you’ve cut a hole in upside down on the bottom piece.

Now the tray bit will sit on top of the 2 pieces of box as so….

I wouldn’t advise actually glueing that on. Firstly because the first time you use it you will probably need to be able to hold it to push something through the holes, plus if the top bit needs replacing you only have to eat one box of chocolates rather than two, ¬†as you’d have to if you have to make it again from scratch. If you are a chocoholic you’ll be fine, but I can’t be seen to be encouraging eating bad food, the government may shut this blog down for promoting obesity.

Now congratulate yourself on saving a few quid and/or being green – whichever pleases you the most.

Still no idea what you have just assembled? OK here we go…….

Your very own make up brush, or artists paint brush, ¬†drying tray! Ok so it is not going to be the most aesthetically pleasing item in your home, but it doesn’t need to be – it gets the job done – that’s all that matters isn’t it? If the desire takes you could pimp it up – paint it, or decorate it with paper. Personally I can’t be bothered – it is not a work of art, and won’t be viewed in any public gallery. Although arguably it could pass as modern art…. ūüé®

This is one of the cheaper ones available to buy online, some of them are retailing at £9.99! It took me about 5 minutes to make this with what most people would just throw in the bin.

Now hands up who guessed what the end result would be correctly?!


Hot tip!


Huge make up collection?

Got a huge make up collection??

Extra busy in the morning or going to be wearing the same make up tomorrow?


Make up in see through bag

Put tomorrow’s, or this looks make-up in a see through bag. We generally like to mix our look up somehow even if just changing one colour, but we can still put most items, or just exchange the one item in the bag!


Put see through bag inside huge collection

Put the see through bag, with your looks chosen make-up inside you huge make-up collection. This saves so much time the next day searching through your complete collection for the items you want for that days look!

Hope you like this tip?  Got one of your own to share? Email Beaunique – ‚̧ @-}–