Above all else remember I AM CRAZY and I still suggest that you walk away while you still can, or more appropriately navigate away from this site.

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REVAMP February 2017

Due to serious illness this site has not been maintained in the way it was intended to be when I first started out. I had a goal to bring about real beauty to everyone’s lives – us as we are – no airbrushed images, hints & tips for make up, hair etc.   but sadly my health has meant I’ve just not been able to do anything on even a semi regular basis around this. So instead this is now going to be used to show & talk about all sorts.

I hope you enjoy it, but if not –  not a problem. It is going to be mainly for selfish reasons now that I do anything with this blog & the accounts, to try & distract from pain & so on.

So I’m revamping –  I still hope to bring some beauty stuff here & there, but I will be using the blog to vent about anything & everything.  The blog, Twitter, Google+ etc to share all sorts, things that I find (&hope some of you may too) interesting. Favourite song  Lyrics, pictures, my own art stuff – I am absolutely no expert or claim to be talented but enjoy drawing, doing adult colouring books & using apps to make my own pictures, GIFs & general shit you’ll probably find in a gazillion other places online. 
I am hoping I will be able to make more of this account this way, & perhaps entertain a couple of people along the way! 

Sorry to all those that set off with me 3 years ago at the start of this blog & associated accounts who were just following for the beauty stuff, I hope you can still find something to gratify with what I will be posting, but if not thank you for following, & sorry things have had to take a new direction. 
Well that’s about all for now, I think that covers what needed clarifying for now – more hopefully sooner rather than later from me.