Photo editing

#Guitar #music #heavymetal #rock #lyrics #pictureediting #apps #android #typography #experimental #relaxing #pasttime

Another experimental post, used Typography app available on Google Play Store


5 thoughts on “Photo editing

  1. Absolutely FA!!SOUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!U!B! Breathtaking project!!!Thanks for sharing at Let’s Ink It Up’s *Think Pink* challenge.HugzzzTammyPS* I have some candy up for grabs at 🙂 Hope to see you there !

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    • Glad you like it, I have some more stuff to put up that’s a little bit more complex than this, I have been experimenting with some new photo editing apps, and done some different things.
      I will try and get them posted this week, some of them are already on my twitter feed, which is right at the bottom of the page.
      I will call over to your blog when I am having some blog time, thanks for looking & commenting x


    • There are some really good apps out there now, you can do editing on a tablet or phone, but tablet size is a bit better, and it is as good as you can do on a pc, easier actually in some ways.
      I have always enjoyed all kinds of art, & I like experimenting with things. I love your winter poem, that was very well written & thought about x

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